Plymouth-based Theatre Company company that devise their own work based on topical issues combined with a personal touch


“I have heard of this place we can go, a group of people, perhaps they will be like us, they
will understand. If we go, if we give it a try, maybe we will surprise ourselves and we won’t
be on our own anymore”.
“Our Secret’s Safe” explores a little known let alone understood addiction, from the point of
view of the performer.
Set in a little old hall in the back streets we are introduced to a therapy group, their dreams,
and fears:
Laura-feisty, trying to juggle disapproving parents, caring for her daughter, and satisfying a
client, the danger of whom she does not recognise.
Holly-diffident and self-effacing, caught up in niche performance, but really wanting love and
a sense of self-worth beyond being an object of somebody’s lust.
Kate and Steve-trying hard to save their relationship and come to terms with what is love
and what is lust.
Jim, wanting do his best for the group, not always right on point with his timing.
We follow their respective journeys as they intertwine under the guidance of Jen, leader and
facilitator constantly cajoling, persuading, encouraging, and warning.
“There’s something about Jen. She puts us at ease. We can tell her anything. Jen gets it.
She’s been there. She’s a survivor.”
The group keeps her going, keeps her busy, doesn’t give her time to stop, think about the
past – “I’ll leave the light on she says in the hallway, all year round. I’m always here, and
remember, “your secret’s safe with me.”
‘Our Secret’s Safe’ is a humane play of our times, the turmoil of the characters reflecting the
stresses and strains of modern society.