• Moll


    “Write your memories Moll, your life, colourful to say the least” Moll – Cassie Williamson Directed and written by – Danny Strike Assistant Director – Beth Hewlett

  • Yezno


    1970’s Christine and Martin: Young, confused, married-out of their depth- strive to save their marriage: sex games-laughter; talk-tears. 2010’s A chance meeting: Can they sidestep recriminations? Forget some memories, cherish others? Live in the present and hope for the future? A well placed word will do it.

  • A Day in the Night of Emily Hayes

    Emily is having a bad night, awash with memories, thoughts, feelings. Time creeps; she wanders, envies a prowling urban fox , waits for the skinny pale boy. And faces the dawn- puts on her face to face the next day. A glimpsed ghost holds the key to the lost days of Emily Hayes. Her fraught…

  • Eddie


    Have a drink with Eddie, compulsive gambler, serial lover, likeable -up to a point- rogue. Nothing’s ever really his fault. Take the gambling- “The problem with gambling is not when you lose; it’s when you win, then it’s out of your control, got yourself a wedge and it’s a new suit, into “The Fox and…

  • Inner Chimp

    Inner Chimp

    ‘Inner Chimp‘ a play devised by Pilot’s Thumb theatre explores the idea of two sleepless women in one hotel room. As the night wears on so their “Inner Chimps” take over with hilarious results as fantasy follows fantasy. The audience meet over 10 different characters as they are taken on a fabulous journey of Barbie…

  • Protest


    ‘Protest’ is a powerful docu-drama which explores the voice of protest, using multi media, theatrical collage, dance, all focused on the heart-warming story of two women, modern day suffragettes, Jo and Becky as they embark upon a Pussy Riot style campaign of protest, with unexpected consequences.

  • Touched

    A play devised by Pilot’s Thumb Theatre based on an idea by Laura Quigley and Directed by Marion Macbeth. Set in the near future asBritain plunges further into depression, Touched is a poignant exploration of longing and loss played out against the Government’s Urban Regeneration Programme – a measure aimed at alleviating austerity. Thomas, grieving…

  • Cover Story

    ‘Cover Story’ Louise is gregarious. Louise is popular. Louise believed in happy ever after. Paul is a loner. Paul is odd. Paul was the last person to see her alive. Interviewed by the police on suspicion of murder and hounded by the press, Paul’s life is never the same again – but did he do…

  • Playing with Daisy

    Playing with Daisy, by Eleanor Fossey. A two hander exploring the themes of love, loss and friendship that can never die! Can Daisy ever forgive Esther for forgetting about her? Will Esther truly believe it is her and why is she here again after all these years apart? How do the friends overcome all that…

  • Voices

    A ghost story with a difference, Thoughts are often random and chaotic: The characters of “Voices”find themselves in “dislocated thought space” unable and unwilling to face the truth that will enable them to move on. They are current and ancestral; lucid and confused but finally they are…!?